Meet Buck

BuckWithAligatorBuck Medley was born into a bow hunting legacy.  He was introduced to hunting by his father, a bow hunter whose comrades included some of the world’s greatest bow hunters including Fred Bear and Howard Hill.  Buck was inspired by the adventure as well as the skill and dedication to the craft that his father consistently demonstrated when bow hunting, leaving Buck with a desire to join the field.  Buck was given his first bow at the tender age of 3, and he has not put it down since.

Buck realized early on that his calling in life was to utilize his remarkable and unmatched wilderness and hunting skills to keep nature in balance each and every day.  He has traveled all over the world helping ranchers and farmers whose properties have become overrun with dangerous, wild animals that threaten the safety and livelihood of the ranchers, their families, and their livestock. Buck helps the ranchers and farmers track, trap, hunt, and relocate these invasive predators in order to restore the balance between nature and man.