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  • blowgun

    Cold Steel Big Bore Blow Guns

    Not all Blowguns are the same! Many of the products on the market today are cheaply made toys with limited range and laughable accuracy. Made to be used indoors as an inexpensive novelty at best. Not so our high-performance Big-Bore .625 Blowgun! Our Blowgun is considered by many to be the finest in the industry.


  • bowiespike

    Cold Steel Buck Medley Bowie Spike

    Entirely re-engineered for this year our Spike series continue to raise the bar for neck knives! Thin, light and super-tough, their razor sharp, zero ground blades, are complemented by heavily scalloped, textured handle scales that offer a comfortable, secure grip.


  • giclippoint

    Cold Steel Buck Medley G.I. Clip Point

    As its name suggests, our G.I. Clip Point is a no-nonsense tactical knife that comes with a legion of practical uses. It may be lean and spare, but it delivers the goods where they count the most!

  • maruader

    Cold Steel Buck Medley Marauder

    Inspired by the formidable combat knives of WWII and honoring the name of Merrill’s Marauders – also known as Code name Galahad, the United States renowned long range, deep penetration assault unit within the South East Asian theatre of conflict – our Marauder Bowie is rugged, relentless and reliable. A true battle ready Bowie.

  • machete

    Cold Steel Buck Medley Royal Kukari Machete

    Cold Steel President Lynn C Thompson has been exploring the potential of the Kukri for over two decades. It’s hard to find a more versatile knife. A stalwart ally in a tight spot and an indispensable survival tool, a good Kukri is truly apocalypse proof!