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  • trenchhawk

    Cold Steel Buck Medley Trench Hawk

    Our Trench Hawk may well be the perfect antidote to the raw terror of eyeball to eyeball combat in the confined spaces of a trench, bunker, alley or narrow hallway.

  • voyager

    Cold Steel Buck Medley Voyager Series

    Buck Medley Voyagers® are, ounce for ounce, far stronger than 99.9% of our competitor’s folders. And this is a fact, not an idle boast. Each knife features precision made parts with a stiff spring and our incomparable Tri-Ad® lock mechanism which is arguably the strongest, most reliable, low maintenance lock in the world!

    The thick, extra wide blades are made from Japanese AUS 8A steel and meticulously ground to a thin edge for maximum shearing potential. This thin edge also allows us to hone each blade to astounding sharpness. And, because of the high carbon content of the steel, and their near perfect heat treatment, you’ll find this sharpness last a surprisingly long time.

  • large-animal-net-gun

    Large Animal Net Gun – COMING SOON

    Large animal net gun.  .308 caliber, fixed canister, single shot, adjustable stock.  10′x10′ net with 6″ mesh for capturing most anything maybe offer a bird version with 2″ mesh and a dog/deer version with 6″ mesh.  Wholesale price $3250.00 plus shipping.  Retail… whatever you want.  Blank power loads… wholesale $100 per 50… Retail $120.

  • Small_Animal_Net_Gun

    Small Animal Net Gun – COMING SOON

    Small animal net gun.  We can package in an aluminum case.  2 head kit with Kevlar nets and 8 CO2 canisters.  Drop ship.  Wholesale price $1000.00 plus shipping.  Retail $1475.00.